First interview

The first interview is often accompanied with excitement, especially for clients who have never experienced psychotherapy before. Mostly, the first interview is arranged on the phone. It serves the purpose of getting acquainted with each other, to take the first glimpse of the problem area and discuss some basic information. Here we can discuss all the contextual and methodic matters, as well as all the aspects which could make a difference for the collaboration.

The first session is without any commitment and like every other interview, it lasts 50 minutes and costs the same as other sessions.
Usually, psychotherapy takes place once a week, or even once every two weeks. The duration depends on the issues and the client’s personal needs. Therapy can be over after a few interviews, or go on for months and years.

You do not need any preparation for the first interview. All questions and issues can be discussed during the session, after which you can decide whether you would like to collaborate with me.