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Sexual disorders

It is well known that the state of mind, as well as the physical state plays a significant role in our sexuality. Therefore, in case of sexual discomfort, it is recommended to do a physical checkup first, to ascertain to which extent the dysfunction has been caused by physical factors.

However, sexual complaints often do have their seeds in the psyche, generated by the individual’s life story or the relationship with the partner. Such complaints can be an orgasm disorder, early or absent ejaculation, frigidity, etc. These, otherwise quite unpleasant topics for many people, can be discussed in a confidential and secure setting of psychotherapy.

Sexual topics are often related to the current life situation. Unfortunately, due to commercials and the media, it is still a widely spread belief, that one is to be full of lust any time and any place. Individuals tend to hold on to certain doctrines, which again, influence their sexual joy.

In my work experience as a psychotherapist I witness these issues still being tabooed by the clients, which, on the other hand, keeps the dogmas alive.