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Obsessive-compulsive disorder

It is a part of our daily life to worry, ponder and maintain superstitious thoughts. The point where it gets the upper hand (permanent urge to wash your hands) or doesn’t make any sense (having to drive up and down the street to make sure you didn’t run anyone over) – it is a matter of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. In this case, the mind is stuck with a thought or an impulse and cannot let go. The individual experiences undesired and unpleasant thoughts and impulses, which consistently arise and release anxiety and fear.

These compulsive thoughts have various contents. In many cases, it is the fear of losing control or getting dirty or infected by a contagious virus etc. Moreover, they can contain religious or sexual aspects – as a matter of fact, every thought or every topic can eventually lead to an obsessive-compulsive disorder. As the feeling of fear and anxiety that arises is a quite unpleasant one, an urgent necessity to do something against it emerges.

This can lead to developing an exact, ritualized behavior, the so-called compulsive act. Most of individuals experience compulsive thoughts combined with compulsive acts. The thoughts and the subsequent acting upon them are useless, unpleasant, recurring and often even harmful for the client. Healing can hardly be expected without a professional help. Although the obsessive-compulsive disorder occurs as frequently as panic disorder, due to the feeling of embarrassment that often goes along with it, it is still quite unfamiliar to the broader public.