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Main fields of expertise

Anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias

Strong anxiety reactions, which occur in situations in which majority of people do not feel anxious or not to that extent, are referred to as anxiety and panic disorders.

Tachycardia, sweating and angina pectoris as well as avoidance are characteristical. Circling thoughts about the situation one is afraid of also characterizes this disorder. That is how the so-called “fear of the fear” arises.
The avoiding behavior that generates in the course of time makes sense, as the person doesn’t have to deal with the fear, gradually, on the other hand, one becomes more and more restricted in his activities, up to extremes, where one is no more able to leave the house on his own. That is how the vicious circle arises.

Generally we distinguish between directed anxiety (animal, objects etc.) and generalized one. The latter one is a form of anxiety which can occur any time or place, since it is not related to anything. Affected individuals often refer to it as a fear of something happening to oneself or to the loved ones.
According to my experience, there is a good chance of recovery, despite the severity of symptoms.