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Depression is a psychological illness, during which depressed mood, lack of interest, listlessness and despondence come to the fore.  In case of depression, the brain metabolism is changed, serotonin and noradrenalin levels are lower than normal. Causes for that are not known yet, although it can be assumed that genetic constitution is one coefficient, which explains why depression often appears more than once in the same family.

Other aspects, such as trauma, social environment, work situation and important life occasions are relevant for the emergence of depression. Therefore, depression cannot be explained based on one cause only. Most of the time multiple factors play a role, as well as inner and outer circumstances, which cause the disease simultaneously.

According to evaluations, about 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. In Austria there are about 450 000 depressive individuals in need of treatment, and this number is set to increase in future.
Yet, the disorder often stays undiscovered by both, the individual and the medical provider.

Frequently, there are physical complaints in the front, such as heart troubles, headache or pain in the back, which prevent from further looking into the psychological condition of the patient. Shame and the fear of social isolation add to it. Besides, in a fast moving world where nothing is as valued as performance and efficiency, one has to get up the nerve and admit weakness and need for help, to oneself and people around.
The inhibition threshold, to go see a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist, is still quite high. This often needlessly prolongs the agony for the individual. Many depressed individuals are intimidated by the fact that depression is not obvious and cannot be proven, such as, for instance, a bone fracture.

Many depressive individuals, particularly the ones suffering from a severe depression, harbor suicidal thoughts.

If you have the feeling that you might be suffering from depression, you should, at all costs, go see a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist, since, combining the psychotherapy with psychotropic drugs, depression can be treated well. Don’t wait until the psychological strain gets bigger and you cannot even leave the house to go get help.