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Burnout, stress, mobbing


Burnout means the state of feeling “burned out”. It goes along with the feeling of fatigue that comes out of the blue, although it often takes years until burnout is diagnosed. Withdrawal, depression and feeling empty inside, while trying to numb the emotions with alcohol, drugs or eating disorder often represent the beginning of it.


Stress can be positive and euphoric or negative, overloading and destroying for the organism. The lines are blurred – the body sends out signals which one should recognize on time to be able to steer in the opposite direction. Sometimes the look from outside and the knowledge of the processes happening within an individual can help.


Mobbing marks all activities in order to bully, hassle and victimize a person, as well as to spread untrue facts about someone in order to cause him emotional agony. In career terms moreover, it describes assignments of useless tasks, social isolation, violence threat or constant criticizing are serious problems which can as well be considered as mobbing. Eventually, in the last couple of years, this issue is being considered with far more attention.