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Adolescent behavior problems

Numerous adolescents nowadays have problems and are getting into trouble. After all, there are a lot of pressures for teenagers to deal with among friends and family. For some youth, stresses include poverty, violence, parental problems, and cliques. Kids may also be concerned about important matters such as gender roles, values, or ethnicity. Some youngsters are having difficulty dealing with past traumas they have experienced, like child abuse. Parents and their teenagers are struggling between the youth's wanting independence while still needing parental guidance. Occasionally all these struggles result in behavior problems.

Any number of isolated behavior problems can represent adolescent problems and delinquency-shoplifting, truancy, a fight in school, drug or alcohol consumption. Sometimes, kids can't easily clarify why they act the way they do. They may be just as chaotic about it as the adults, or they simply see criminal behaviors as fitting ways to deal with what they experience. Parents and loved ones may feel scared, angry, frustrated, or hopeless. They may feel guilty and wonder where they went wrong. All these feelings are normal, but it is important to understand that there is help accessible to troubled kids and their relatives.