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The process

The process

The goal of the psychotherapy is to achieve changes in client’s behavior and experience jointly. At the very beginning it is important to make the client explore himself, which means the client has to get in touch with his/her emotions and attempt to verbalize them. Certainly, while carrying out this process, the presence, the here and now is much more relevant than the past.

The encounter and the dialogue should help the client to handle his situation better. It does not have to lead to a complete solution of the problem. Rogers describes the psychotherapy as a development process. As soon as the client recognizes his incongruence and learns how to live with it, the modifications in one’s behavior will start to emerge.

The respectful, trustful and equivalent kind of relationship between the client and the therapist has a leading part in that process. The therapist has to be eager to empathize with the client, to show genuine interest in client’s world. Not only does the therapist have to wish to help the client, he also has to feel an honest desire to get to know him. The therapist is not the expert who will offer solutions to the problem, he reveals himself as a person with feelings and weaknesses. The client learns to accept himself just the way he is, also the bad sides of himself and the weaknesses. Through the unconditional positive regard that the therapist shows towards him, the client learns to value himself.


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