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Personal comment

Personal comment

At a first glance one could assume, that the person-centered approach would be quite simple to practice. Through the therapist’s approach, defined by the core conditions, optimal personal characteristics will unfold. But the consequent adherence of these conditions while discovering one’s personality is often quite challenging.

The fact that the person-centered approach does not involve any rigid technics enables the therapist to create his own personal style. Every client can be approached in a most personal, individual way that suites him, which definitely complies with the person-centered approach, as long as the three variables are kept.

It is my personal opinion in which the person-centered approach can and should serve as the basis for all other psychotherapy methods, since it cannot be expected, that without these conditions, a healing, personality developing process can arise. This kind of healing relationship makes it


Man becomes an I through a You

Martin Buber

Tijelo je prevoditelj duše u vidljivi.

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